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1 BEMT = 100 TRX

0.1 To 0.16% Daily Rewards
Can Unstake Anytime After 6 Month

Stake BEM Token And Earn Staking Rewards Every Second.

Earn 5% Referral Reward.


Total Sales in BEM



Total Participants



Withdraw your rewards before you unstake. Else, you will lose your rewards.
In this contract, you freeze your BEMs for 6 months and receive a participation fee in return. .

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5% referral comission

Link activates only after you buy BEMT!
Stake BEMT

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20 TRX + Txn Fee will be deducted from your wallet, if you stake.

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Dividends percentage: 0%

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DDoS attacks are very common these days. Attackers may attack our site too as it is getting popular day by day. If the site goes down or the telegram group is not accessible, please do not panic. Everything will be restored within 24 hours and the new telegram link will be updated on this website. You can contact the developer or moderator for any assistance.

Opals Tron


In this part, the purchased tokens are frozen and they are rewarded first and then they are given daily profit.

Each category will receive 20%, 30% and 40% of the initial bonus, respectively, and this amount will be added to their purchase.

addition to the initial purchase bonus, in return When staking takes place, each category receives a certain percentage of profit on a daily basis. The investor can either withdraw or reinvest the amount of interest.

Example : Someone buys 10,000 BEM TOKEN and receives a 40% initial bonus. 14,000 BEM TOKEN will be credited to his account. 14,000 BEM tokens receive 0.16% STAKING profit per day. 14000 × 0.16 = 22 BEM

  • < 1000 BEMT: 0.10% a day
  • > 5000 and < 10000 BEMT: 0.13% a day
  • > 10000 BEMT: 0.16% a day projects is one of the main projects of the bemt group.

This project has been launched with the aim of attracting and financing capital for the next projects of the bemt group

Source of profit for rich mind project

One way to raise money for a project is to release bemts from the original smart contract.

The second way is to make a profit, launch and invest in future bem projects. Wallet, decentralized exchange, NODE TRC20 network are among the main projects of BEMT Group. Part of the profits of these projects belong to RICHMIND.IO.



About BEM: BEMT is a TRC20 token created on the Tron Blockchain. The maximum supply of the token is restricted to 50,000,000 BEMT. Unlike other tokens, people can buy the tokens directly from the smart contract and stake them to receive dividends. The cost of 1 BEMT token is 100 TRX. Once the total supply has reached the maximum supply 50,000,000 BEMT, the minting will stop and only the maximum supply 50,000,000 BEMT will be a circulating supply.
About :
Smart contract is a dual purpose contract. To sell tokens BEM and invest in this platform.

Disclaimer & Risk Warning: Crypto or any Financial Investment has its own risk. Crypto Market is highly volatile and have more risks than any other financial markets. Plan your investment wisely and take only the risks that are affordable to you. Even though the business model is genuine and stable, you have to understand that the market is controlled by the traders and users of BEM and it's not controlled by the founders or administrators of BEM TRON. By participating in any of the activities of BEM TRON, you agree to take the risks and understand and accept that the founders or administrators or developers or any of the team members of BEM TRON are not responsible for any of the losses you may incur. You also accept and agree that the BEM TRON or its founders or administrators or developers or any of the team members cannot be held liable (legal or illegal) for any of the losses you may incur by participating in the BEM TRON. BEM TRON and all its services are provided in as-is basis. All purchases of BEM are final. Purchases of BEM are non-refundable. If you do not accept this disclaimer, please do not participate in any of the services provided by BEM TRON.

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